Denied Hurricane Insurance Claim in Miami Florida

Hurricane Insurance Claim Denied Or Underpaid?

We can reopen your insurance claim and work hard to get you a fairer, often larger settlement! There are no upfront costs with our services & we only get paid if a settlement is made.

Hurricane Insurance Claim

In the Aftermath of a Hurricane or Windstorm, Filing An Insurance Claim With Your Insurance Company Can Be Confusing and Frustrating

Most insurance companies will make every effort to deny your hurricane damage insurance claim or pay out as little as possible. This is why it is very important to have an experienced and knowledgeable Public Adjuster on your side.

The Public Adjusters of Nerren Claims Consultants are here to help get you the maximum recovery for your hurricane insurance claim.

Underpaid or Denied?

Insurance companies want to save money by either offering the policyholder a fraction of the correct value of a claim or simply denying the claim.

We Can Re-Open Your Claim

Do you feel your previous hurricane damage insurance claim was underpaid or wrongly denied? You have 3 years from the original date of loss to reopen a claim.

We Work For You

If you have been wrongly denied or underpaid with a hurricane insurance claim, we can reopen your claim & get you a fairer, often larger settlement.
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Loss Adjuster in Miami, Florida - Nerren Claims Consultants

Policyholders who used a Loss Adjuster on catastrophe losses increased their claim settlement by up to 747%

– OPPAGA Report

How Do We Help You Get The Money You Deserve 
For Your Underpaid Or Denied Hurricane Insurance Claim?

  • First, one of our loss adjusters will review your insurance policy. As a result, we will be able to explain what you are legally entitled to after a loss or damage to your home or business.
  • Then, we will reopen your insurance claim with the insurance company.
  • Next, we fully document the claim and present all facts to the insurance company.
  • We handle all communication with your insurance company’s adjuster in a timely and professionally manner. This includes meeting your insurance company’s adjuster at your home or business.
  • Our public adjuster then provides your insurance company with our estimate outlining the damages to your home or business; including preparing an inventory of all damaged personal or business property.
  • We then negotiate with your insurance company to obtain the best possible settlement for your claim while always keeping you updated with the status of your claim, either by email or phone call.
  • After settling, we then communicate the claim information with your mortgage company if you have a mortgage. The insurance claim check will come payable to you and your mortgage company.
  • If needed, we are able to pursue legal action if your claim is wrongly denied through Nerren Claims Consultants’ experienced claims attorneys.

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