Need To File A Broken Drain Pipes Insurance Claim?

Broken Drain Pipes Insurance Claim

Insurance companies normally consider a home’s or business’ plumbing to be under normal homeowner or business owner maintenance. Therefore, you are usually responsible for repairing or replacing the broken pipe.

Most insurance policies will pay for water damage that happens as a result of a pipe bursting within your home or business. Whether or not they pay for replacing the pipe itself depends on whether the break occurred as a result of “sudden and unexpected” damage or some fault of your own (e.g. lack of proper maintenance or leaving your house unheated during the winter).

Have You Experienced A Broken Drain Pipe?

Broken Drain Pipes Insurance Claim

Insurance companies have been known to deny broken drain pipe insurance claims due to the maintenance issue.  It is very important that you have an expert on understanding the often confusing language found in typical home or business owner’s insurance policies.

Our licensed Loss Adjusters are experienced in all aspects of Broken Drain Pipe Insurance Claims.

Should You Use A Public Adjuster For Your Broken Drain Pipe Insurance Claim?

Why Hire A Public Adjuster

A Florida State licensed Public Insurance Adjuster represents you, the one making the claim for your broken drain pipes against the insurance company.

Florida Statutes provide for and regulate Public Adjusters to represent the insured, not the insurance company. You should use a Public Adjuster to have someone on your side that understands the full scope of the insurance contract and the claim process.

Check out Ten Reasons To Use A Public Adjuster  and then Contact us for a FREE Claim Evaluation today!

Getting Started With Your Broken Pipe Insurance Claim

Filing an Insurance Claim - Loss Adjusters in Miami, Florida - Nerren Claims Consultants

Your very first step should be to contact a Loss Adjuster at Nerren Claims Consultants. The reason for this is to see if there are any immediate steps you need to take for your broken drain pipes damage experience.

As always with any insurance claim, documentation of the event and damage caused by the event is very important. It may be necessary in some cases to begin the cleanup and repair process before you have a chance to meet with the insurance company’s adjuster. You should photograph and document the damage before any cleanup begins as the insurance company will want to see evidence of all damage. Not doing so could result in a reduced or denied insurance claim!

Nerren Claims Consultants is here to assist you with making it through the ordeal of dealing with your Broken Drain Pipes Insurance Claim!

Policyholders who used a public adjuster on catastrophe losses increased their claim settlement by up to 747% – OPPAGA Report

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