Why Use A Public Adjuster?

Reason #1- We Work For You, NOT The Insurance Company

The Nerren Claims Consultants’ Public Adjuster works for You to attain the highest settlement possible for all types of damages. We will act as your advocate during the entire insurance claim process. Insurance companies know a Public Loss Adjuster will not allow a settlement of your claim for less than you deserve.  Our clients’ interests always comes first!


Reason #2 – No Upfront Costs

We get paid when you get paid. It’s that simple. Nerren Claims Consultants works on a contingency basis and there are no upfront costs to you.  We can even reopen a prior claim if you have been denied.


Reason #3 – Get more money for your claim

Policyholders that have hired Public Loss Adjusters for Hurricane related claims received 747% more money than those that did it on their own. Policyholders with non-catastrophic claims received 574% more money than people who did not hire a Public Loss Adjuster. This staggering statistic comes from the Florida Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability.


Reason #4 – Arbitration

The insurance company may make an offer you feel is not fair.  You have a right to go to arbitration. We will represent you during this entire process.


Reason #5 – Insurance Company’s Adjusters and Engineers

The adjusters and engineers that your insurance company send to your home or business work for YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY.  Your insurance company will usually not provide you with a copy of their reports.  Nerren Claims Consultants has its own team of experts who will provide support and documentation of your loses.  Remember, WE work for YOU.


Reason #6 – Your insurance broker is paid a commission by your insurance company for placing your business with them.

The common first reaction upon incurring property damage is to call your insurance agent. The insurance agent who sells you your policy is paid a commission by your Insurance Company. This is the same insurance company that is going to determine how much you will get for your claim.  


Reason #7 – Insurance companies initially offer you a fraction of the true value of your claim.

Insurance companies often do not offer you the maximum amount for your claim. For example, Florida’s matching statute states that if the repair for the damage can’t be matched then they must replace all of it. (roof, flooring, counter tops) They don’t tell you this!!. Your “independent insurance adjuster” writes an estimate for repairs and will submit it to your insurance company.  Quite often the insurance company offer is very low or your claim is outright denied.  Nerren Claims Consultants on average will get you 4.5 to 7.5  times more money than they offer you for your claim. The “independent adjuster” who appeared at your home is paid by….the insurance company!


Reason #8 – Public Adjusters are trained, licensed professionals that work for you not your insurance company.

Nerren Claims Consultants, your Public Loss Adjuster, will work for You and have your financial interest at heart. The polite independent insurance adjuster who has been hired to work your claim, who may be completely inexperienced, and who shows up at your door sometime after a claim has been filed by your adjuster works for, you guessed it.….the insurance company and not for you!


Reason #9 – Your insurance contract with your carrier is one-sided and not negotiable.

Your contract/policy is called an aleatory agreement. It is one-sided. It cannot be changed by you, the insured, and it was written to protect the profits of the insurance company.  A licensed Public Adjuster with Nerren Claims Consultant can be your representative and advocate in the process of getting your claim “adjusted” (processed) and “settled”, (paid).


Reason #10 – Insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart!

Nerren Claims Consultants has only one job to do and we do it well.  Our number one focus is to represent you, the homeowner or business owner, during the often confusing and frustrating process of settling your claim with your insurance company.  We have many years of experience and we know the ins and outs of the insurance claim process. Let us help you get the most money for your insurance claim.

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